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Medicines Information

Drug Information Unit of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board was set up with the aim of ensuring that drug information is unbiased, correct, updated and easily accessible to prescribers and consumers in order to promote rational use of drugs.

This is further enhanced by regulation to control drug promotion and to ensure the information provided by product manufacturers is of good quality. All promotion claims should be reliable, accurate, truthful, informative, balanced, updated, capable of substantiation and in good taste.

The drug Information Unit aims to promote rational and cost effective use of medicines in support to optimal pharmaceutical care for all. This is achieved by the provision of accurate, reliable and applicable drug information to healthcare providers, patients and the general public. The unit strives to uphold its ethical and professional integrity in its endeavour to provide services of the highest quality in an efficient and courteous manner.


  1. To develop a comprehensive library of drug information resources both in the text and electronic.
  2. To develop and maintain local pharmaceutical databases.
  3. To disseminate drug information through publications.
  4. To develop drug education programmes.
  5. To receive and solicit information and materials from WHO and other international organizations concerning safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical and related substances and advice the Board accordingly.