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Rapid Alert – 2022

S/NDateTitleProduct typeSource of the rapid alertManufacturer
629th September 2022WHO medical product alert (ref. Rpq/reg/isf/ alert no. 4/2022) on falsified Dysport 500 U (clostridium botulinum type a toxin-haemagglutinin complex) identified in the who regions of Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.
Batch U14534 identified in Jordan, Poland, United Kingdom
Batch U14534 identified in Turkiye, Kuwait
Batch U05804 identified in Jordan, Poland
Batch U01975 identified in Kuwait
Batch U12523 identified in Poland
MedicineThe World Health Organization (WHO)Stated as IPSEN
520th September 2022Public alert on falsified medical product
Dawasolone 5 mg (Prednisolone 5mg ) tabletsBatch Number: 1802231
MedicineThe Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB)Stated as Dawa Ltd, Baba Dogo, Nairobi
425-Jun-22Public alert on CLASS 1 RECALL of poor-quality medical product from the Kenyan market due to failure to meet market authorization requirements: Product details: DAWAFLOX POWDER FOR ORAL SUSPENSION, 100ML Batch: 2012085 Batch: 2006121 DOM: 06/2020 DOE: 05/2023MedicinesPPBDAWA Limited, Nairobi Kenya 
324-Jun-22Public alert on falsified medical product; Ashton & Parsons Matricaria Infant’s Powder Batches:    PA 4328C, PA 4318C, PA2011C, AP 061WMedicinesPPBStated as; Made by Smith Kline Beecham Nigeria P/C 20 industrial Avenue. Liupeju Lagos, Nigeria Under Licence from SmithKline Beecham Consumer Brands Brandford, england
224-Jun-22Public alert on falsified medical product; Eloxatin 100mg (Oxaliplatin for injection) Batch: 12V0015MedicinesPPBStated as: Aventis Pharma Ltd, Rainham Rd South, Dagenham, Esser, Room 107XS, UK & Made in UK
128-Feb-22Medical product alert on two falsified batches of DESREM (Remdesivir for injection 100mg /vial) , batches 7605854B and CRM21001MA detected in Guatemala and IndiaMedicinesWHOLegal manufacturer: Mylan Laboratories Ltd