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Rapid Alert – 2022

S/NDateTitleProduct typeSource of the rapid alertManufacturer
425-Jun-22Public alert on CLASS 1 RECALL of poor-quality medical product from the Kenyan market due to failure to meet market authorization requirements: Product details: DAWAFLOX POWDER FOR ORAL SUSPENSION, 100ML Batch: 2012085 Batch: 2006121 DOM: 06/2020 DOE: 05/2023MedicinesPPBDAWA Limited, Nairobi Kenya 
324-Jun-22Public alert on falsified medical product; Ashton & Parsons Matricaria Infant’s Powder Batches:    PA 4328C, PA 4318C, PA2011C, AP 061WMedicinesPPBStated as; Made by Smith Kline Beecham Nigeria P/C 20 industrial Avenue. Liupeju Lagos, Nigeria Under Licence from SmithKline Beecham Consumer Brands Brandford, england
224-Jun-22Public alert on falsified medical product; Eloxatin 100mg (Oxaliplatin for injection) Batch: 12V0015MedicinesPPBStated as: Aventis Pharma Ltd, Rainham Rd South, Dagenham, Esser, Room 107XS, UK & Made in UK
128-Feb-22Medical product alert on two falsified batches of DESREM (Remdesivir for injection 100mg /vial) , batches 7605854B and CRM21001MA detected in Guatemala and IndiaMedicinesWHOLegal manufacturer: Mylan Laboratories Ltd