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Criteria for Issuance of a “No-Objection to Issuance of Work Permit” in the Pharmaceutical Sector

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Criteria for Issuance of a “No-Objection to Issuance of Work Permit” in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The Pharmaceutical sector in Kenya has increasingly been attracting a large number of foreigners to work in the various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry. This has increasingly resulted in denial of employment opportunities for duly qualified Kenyan citizens.

Further, concerns have been raised over the disparity in terms and conditions of service and the fact that some of the jobs undertaken by foreigners can be done by Kenyans.

The issuance work permits in Kenya is governed under the Citizenship and Immigration Act, which largely stipulates that the economy of Kenya should be manned by trained and competent citizens. Permits are issued to foreign nationals with skills not available at present on the Kenya labour market, only on the understanding that effective training programmes are undertaken to produce trained citizens within a specified period.

Therefore, in order to secure a work permit, a foreigner should be bringing in skills and expertise that are not locally available.

In light of this, it is the responsibility of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, to assess the suitability of foreign applicants to ensure that only duly qualified foreigners are granted a work permit by the Immigration department. This is in order to ensure a balance between the benefits brought on board by foreigners while ensuring Kenyanization.

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