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How to Make an Exams Application

  1. Create Account

2. Create Application

3. Pay and Download

  • For Students (Currently in an institution)Through PPB Online Indexing. An
    institution administrator will create your
    profile and you will receive an email with a
    link that will allow you to interact with the
    portal. You will need to complete the
    indexing process before you access any
    services on the portal. After you have
    successfully been indexed, you should be
    able to access the exam application.
  • Others (not in an institution)PPB will create your profile. You will
    receive an SMS and an email notifying
    you that you have been created as a
    ‘student’ and you need to set up your
    profile. Go to the PPB Online Services
    Portal and register for a student account
    by clicking on the ‘Not Registered’ link
    and selecting ‘Student’ when prompted
    to select cadre. Enter your details and
    then access your email to complete the
    registration process. After that you will be
    able to access the exam application.

Click on ‘Exams’ to access the exams portal
and then click on ‘Exam Application’ to make
your application. If this is your first time to sit
for any board exam select ‘First Attempt’
under Entry Level, otherwise select ‘Resit’ and
specify the number of attempts.
NB: Use this option (Resit) if you already sat for
your Stage/Level One exams and enter 0 under
‘Number of Attempts’
Upload the relevant documents and click on
‘Save & Continue’. The system will generate
an invoice for your application and prompt
you to make payments. Click on ‘Make
Payments’ and follow the instructions.

After your payment has been received, you
will receive notification from PPB and you
will be able to download a receipt. After
your application has been processed, you
will receive another notification and you
will be able to download your exam card

Online Examinations Guide for Candidates

Examination Schedule:





Start Time

9 am

2 pm


Fri, 18th November, 2022

Open until exam date


Mon, 21st November, 2022

Stage II & Level I

Stage I

Exam (Stage I)

Tue, 22nd November, 2022

Paper I

Paper II

Exam (Level I and Stage II)

Wed, 23rd November, 2022

Paper I

Paper II


Thu, 24th November, 2022

Level II 

Exam (Level II)

Fri, 25th November, 2022

Paper I

Paper II

Each paper will have a duration of 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Exam Center Locations:

The centers for this Series shall be:



Nairobi, KICC

Tsavo Ballroom, KICC, Harambee Avenue.

Nakuru PPB offices

3rd floor, Shiv Plaza, Kenyatta Avenue, opp. Gilanis.

Eldoret RVTTI

at Rift Valley Technical Training Institute.

Kisumu National Polytechnic

Technology road, next to Kisumu Stadium.

Mombasa PPB offices

2nd Avenue, Nyali, off Mombasa-Malindi Rd.

Nyeri PPB offices

Along Ring Road, near Kwa Wambui Wa Kenyatta, about 2km from white Rhino Hotel.

The Kisii, Machakos, Thika, Meru, Embu and Kakamega centers have been dissolved due to inadequate candidates. Candidates who had selected any of these centers should send an email to training@pharmacyboardkenya.org indicating their ID number and an alternative center of their preference.

Prior to the Scheduled Exam:

  1. Read and understand the Online Examinations Guide for Candidates available at https://web.pharmacyboardkenya.org/exams/
  • Know the structure and duration your exam,
  • Know the general and exam center regulations and any additional instructions set by PPB in the Guidelines,
  • Understand the COVID-19 prevention measures.
  1. Ensure that you know the exam date and time, and location of your examination center.
  2. Make sure you have access to your Examination Platform https://exams.pharmacyboardkenya.org/login/index.php

Only new candidates will receive the email link to the exams portal. Previous candidates can use their existing login credentials.

  1. Ensure you have a working computer device that you’ll be using to take your exam (laptop) and they are well charged.
  2. Login to your account on https://exams.pharmacyboardkenya.org via Google Chrome or Mozilla.
  3. Access the exam from your dashboard.
  4. Download and install Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

STEP 1: Click on ‘Download Safe Exam Browser’

STEP 2: Double click on the downloaded file to install. Follow onscreen instructions during installation.


STEP 3: Download and run the configuration file by double clicking on it. This will lead you to the login page. Enter your username and password and proceed to the exam.

  • Do not run the configuration before installing the SEB.
  • Do NOT use the “Launch Safe Exam Browser”. Only access the quiz by downloading and running the configuration.



  • Installation is required only once. If you installed during the mocks, you don’t need to install it again.
  • Candidates will only be able to attempt the Mocks and Exams if they are using Safe Exam Browser.
  • The browser window won’t have a URL or search field and back/forward navigation will be disabled.
  • If you Quit Safe Exam Browser, you will be logged out of the exam. You can only launch/relaunch your Safe Exam Browser by running the configuration you downloaded in Step 3.
  • Switching to other applications is disabled by default.
  1. Attempt at least one mock (pilot) exam to prepare for the real exam. The mock exam shall be for training purposes only and will not be graded. The mock exams can be attempted at home.
  2. Attend the rehearsals at the exam center on the scheduled date. The rehearsals are MANDATORY. You must come for the rehearsal with the computer device that you’ll use to sit for the exams.

During the Exam:

  1. Always adhere to the COVID-19 prevention measures at all times.
  2. Only attempt the exams in your designated center. Attempting the exams outside the center will lead to outright disqualification from the exams and other consequences as per the guidelines.
  3. Only use the internet provided by the PPB to attempt the exam, unless permitted by the invigilators at the center.
  4. Read the instructions first before starting the exam.
  5. Keep an eye on the timer always.
  6. Plan your answers, use the flag options for questions you wish to review later. 
  7. In case you experience technical problems, don’t panic, stay calm, take a deep breath and ask for help from the invigilators.

For more Information or Feedback:

Website: https://web.pharmacyboardkenya.org/exams/  

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  • Exam notices
  • Exam guidelines

Email: training@pharmacyboardkenya.org    

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