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Ministry of Health Collaborates with National Assembly on Healthcare Enhancement Strategies – August 31, 2023

Mombasa, KENYA – This week, the Ministry of Health’s State Department of Public Health and Professional Standards, along with MDAs, organized a familiarization engagement with the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Health.

Dr. F. Siyoi, the CEO of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, attended the meeting chaired by Hon. Dr. Robert Pukose and hosted by Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni Muriuki. The primary objective was to provide the members with an in-depth understanding of the State Department’s programs, sub-programs, activities, and projects.

The engagement had a strong focus on critical topics such as human resources, healthcare programs, and legal considerations. The discussions underscored the pivotal role of a well-trained and ample healthcare workforce in delivering high-quality healthcare services, emphasizing the necessity of investment in this vital aspect of healthcare.

Efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services were a key priority. Various approaches to eliminate redundancies and optimize resource allocation were explored, all with the primary goal of ensuring the timely delivery of healthcare services to those who require them.


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