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PPB launches TWG to strengthen pharmacovigilance & post-marketing surveillance

NAIROBI, Kenya August 19, 2020 – The Kenya National Technical Working Group on Pharmacovigilance and Post-Marketing Surveillance (KTWG_PV/PMS) was today inaugurated by the Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Rashid Aman.

Speaking during the virtual launch, Dr. Rashid said KTWG-0PV/PMS is a great initiative that will see the strengthening of the pharmacovigilance and post marketing surveillance systems in the Country.

“With the increasing access to medical products and health technologies, there is greater need to develop and strengthen the vigilance and surveillance systems for patient safety and thus collaborative efforts between different key stakeholders in health care service provision cannot be under scored,” he said.

In addition, Dr. Rashid reiterated that in the era of sustainable development goals, the Regulatory Authorities play a pivotal role in promoting Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Essential medicines are considered an integral part of UHC. They are an indispensable element for delivery of services and are also a requirement for high-quality care.

“Collaboration with various stakeholders is key to ensure we leverage on technical expertise and resources to the monitoring of the quality, safety and efficacy of these medical products and health technologies,” he noted.

Dr. Rashid emphasized that the Ministry of Health through the Pharmacy and Poisons Board is committed to providing Kenyans with safe, quality and efficacious medical products and health technologies and is looking forward to great out puts from the working group.

“The Ministry of Health Kenya, would like to thank all key stakeholders for their financial and technical support in enhancing patient safety in our country, he added.

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board, CEO Dr. F. M. Siyoi said the TWG, will be a mechanism for collaborations with various stakeholders involved in commodity management support in order to improve access and management of health commodities through ensuring that pharmacovigilance and post marketing surveillance activities are entrenched in their routine functions.

The commodity TWG aims at advocating and strategizing on system strengthening initiatives to increase efficiency and effectiveness of PV/PMS functions for increased availability, accessibility and affordability of quality, safe and efficacious health commodities within county health systems.

“Pharmacovigilance and Post market surveillance of medical products and health technologies in Kenya is one of the key regulatory functions that needs strengthening, therefore, the KTWG-PV/PMS will play a key role in provision of technical support to PPB as it works towards ensuring it continually meets its mandate through the regulation of the Profession of Pharmacy and ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of medical products and health technologies, Dr. Siyoi noted.

The event brought together key partners and stakeholders in the industry among them; Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation, East Africa Community, Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, Mission for Essential Drugs Supplies, Kenya Medical Research Institute, USIAD partners among them; Management Sciences for Health (MSH/MTaPS), USP/PQM+, Presidents Malaria Initiative (PMI), Global Fund, University of Nairobi, National Quality Control Laboratory and Public Health Programmes (Nascop, Malaria Program, TB program, Neglected Tropical Diseases program, Reproductive Health and Vaccines and Immunization Program).



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