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71 Illegal Chemists Closed in Coast Region

Mombasa Wednesday November 6 2019 – A total of 71 illegal chemists in Coast Region have been closed, stocks seized and owners arrested during a crackdown carried out by the Pharmacy and Poisons board (PPB) pharmaceutical inspectors and the police under the Coast Regional Commissioner.

Among those arrested include operators of mobile clinics using vehicles with assorted drugs and sound systems,the head of Good Distribution Practices and ports of entry, Dr. Dominic Kariuki said during a media briefing today.

Out of the 71 cases 49 have been taken to court, of which 20 pleaded guilty and were given fines ranging from sh.10,000 to sh.60,000.

The charges included possession of poisons contrary to section 26(1) of the pharmacy and poisons act, carrying on the business of a pharmacist/ pharmaceutical technologist contrary to section 19(1a) of the pharmacy and poisons act and section 23(1) respectively.

Dr. Dominic Kariuki PPB head of Good Distribution Practices and Ports of Entry addressing media in Mombasa today. 

Dr. Kariuki said the details of the non-compliant outlets have been shared with the regional commissioner for enforcement of the closures.

“The major challenge we are facing is licensed wholesalers who are supplying illegal chemists,” Dr, Kariuki noted and warned that the identified chemists will face the necessary disciplinary action.

He also lamented over lenient court fines imposed on the accused persons which he said are not deterrent enough.

He also added that access and security concerns in the coast region have been a major chellenge leading to proliferation of the illegal drugs in the region.

Pharmaceutical Inspectors at Pharmacy and Poisons Board during a press briefing in Mombasa today

He directed all pharmacy outlets and hospitals with expired drugs to safely quarantine them and get in touch with the regional inspectors of Pharmacy and Poisons Board for safe disposal.

“We have also distributed mini labs to regional offices for random sampling and testing of medicines in the market to ensure they are of good quality, safe and efficacious,” he said.

The PBB has also launched guidelines for good distribution practices, transportation and disposal of pharmaceutical waste which are available at the boards website www.pharmacyboardkenya.org

He called on members of the public to use health safety codes displayed in registered pharmacy outlets to verify legality of the premises they get medicines from by sending a message to the 21031 charge free code.

Some of the drugs confiscated by the Pharmacy and Poisons board during a crackdown in coast region.



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