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High-Level Meeting Between Kenya Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and WHO Delegation Strengthens Regulatory Standards

Nairobi, Kenya – May 3, 2023 – In a significant step towards enhancing the regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, the Kenya Pharmaceutical Manufacturers engaged in a high-level meeting with a delegation from the World Health Organization (WHO) today. Chaired by Dr. Charles Githinji, Chairman of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB), the meeting addressed critical issues related to the quality, safety, and efficacy of health products and technologies (HPTs).
The meeting, held in Nairobi, brought together key stakeholders from the pharmaceutical sector to discuss regulatory strengthening and explore strategies to ensure the highest standards of quality in local manufacturing. The delegation from WHO included experts in regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical manufacturing, led by Dr. Rogerio Gaspar emphasizing the global importance of this collaborative effort.
Dr. Githinji emphasized the pivotal role of a robust regulatory system in supporting local manufacturing and safeguarding public health. He reaffirmed the PPB’s unwavering dedication to continuously improve the regulation of the pharmacy profession, medical products, and health technologies. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of medicines remains a top priority for the board.
During the productive discussions, participants delved into various critical issues, including good manufacturing practices, and the overall improvement of regulatory standards. The focus on local manufacturing quality and safety of HPTs highlighted the commitment to providing safe and effective healthcare solutions for the Kenyan population.
The PPB Chairman reiterated the board’s commitment to continuous capacity building for local manufacturing, enhancing compliance with good manufacturing practices, and safeguarding the safety and efficacy of medicines. By working collaboratively with the WHO delegation, the PPB aims to foster stronger partnerships between regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, ultimately enhancing the overall regulatory landscape in Kenya, said the PPB, Chief Executive Officer Dr Fred Siyoi.
The meeting signifies a significant milestone in promoting a strong regulatory framework that supports local manufacturing and ensures the availability of safe and effective medicines for the Kenyan population. It reflects the collective effort of both the Kenya Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and the PPB in advancing the pharmaceutical industry and elevating the standards of quality healthcare in the country.


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