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Regulator urges pharmaceutical practitioners to uphold standard practice, December 15, 2022

15th December 2022 – The National Drug Regulator, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board is calling on licensed pharmaceutical practitioners to uphold the highest ethical practices in order to ensure sanity in the pharmaceutical sector.

At the same time the Board is cautioning members of the public against engaging in illegal pharmaceutical practices.

The Board’s Head of Enforcement and Surveillance, Mr. Julius Kaluai  made the remarks during a joint regulatory operation targeting illegal pharmaceutical outlets in Nairobi and Lower Eastern Region in the counties of Machakos, Kitui and Makueni.

The crackdown in the Lower Eastern region netted 77 persons who were arraigned in various courts on charges related to operating unregistered premises, illegal possession of Part I Poisons and carrying out the business of a pharmacist while not registered as a pharmacist.

Fifty eight offenders, were arrested in lower eastern and 19 in Nairobi.  A total of 81 illegal pharmaceutical outlets were closed and 134  cartons of assorted medicines seized from illegal pharmaceutical outlets.

According to Dr. Onesmus Kilonzo head of Lower Eastern Region, the public can verify the registration status of pharmaceutical practitioners through

https://practice.pharmacyboardkenya.org/LicenseStatus?register=pharmacists for pharmacists and https://practice.pharmacyboardkenya.org/LicenseStatus?register=pharmtechs for pharmaceutical technologists.

In addition, the public can verify licensed pharmaceutical premises by visiting https://practice.pharmacyboardkenya.org/LicenseStatus?register=facilities

Illegal pharmaceutical premises and practitioners in Lower Eastern Region can be also reported via email at lowereastern@pharmacyboardkenya.org and telephone at 0702475849 while Illegal pharmaceutical premises and practitioners in Nairobi Region can be reported via email at nairobi@pharmacyboardkenya.org and telephone at 0702475801.




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