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84 Illegal Pharmacies Shut in a Nyanza Region Crackdown

Kisumu, 24 September 2021- A crackdown on illegal pharmacies in the Nyanza region that commenced on 20th September 2021 has closed a total of 84 illegal outlets and seized 137 cartons of assorted medicines. So far, 80 people have been arrested & arraigned in court & charged with various offenses… Read More

Dr Kaluai
Pharmacy Board vows to eradicate quacks in the pharmaceutical business

The Pharmacy and Poisons Boards (PBB) is urging pharmaceutical personnel to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and new laws regarding the selling of medicine to avoid penalties… Read More


Nairobi Crackdown
Ppb Weeds Out Quacks in a Nairobi Region Crackdown

An ongoing crackdown on illegal pharmaceutical outlets in Nairobi and its environs has so far nabbed 40 people who were found to be practicing illegally. Read More

PPB nabs 52 in an operation to wipe out illegal pharmacies in Central

Nyeri, Friday, February 18, 2022 – A total of 52 persons have been placed under arrest & registered for prosecution in various courts within the Central region for operating illegal pharmacies…Read More

Herbal clinics in the limelight for substandard medicine production

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) yesterday seized herbal medicines and personnel working at three herbal clinics in Nairobi over substandard medicines.

The board that did inspection at Murugu Herbal Clinic and two other clinics within Nairobi, was checking for the quality of the herbal medicines… Read More

Launch of PPB Guidelines on the World Pharmacists Day

NAIROBI, Kenya September 25, 2019 – The Pharmacy and Poisons Board today celebrated the World Pharmacists Day under the theme “Safe and Effective Medicines for All,” with a launch of three key pharmaceutical guidelines. The Guidelines on good distribution practices, Guidelines on disposal of pharmaceutical waste and Guidelines on transportation of pharmaceuticals were launched by… Read More